Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two month mark

I really wanted to reach that 20 pd mark today at my 2 month mark, but it was close enough.. Now if I could look 8 weeks down the road and could see 19 pd's more gone then I think I could be more into this next 2 months, but I'm feeling a little like this is a pain in my butt.. I also know it is going to start to slow down and I could even deal with a plateau.. I'm worried if I do hit one I will get discouraged, b/c as long as I'm losing at least a pd a week then I still feel motivated.. I also know of all the obstacles I'm about to face.. My bday, summer cookouts, summer vacations and the stress of normal things in life that make you want to just eat your heart out.. It is so hard not to want to celebrate with lots of good food, but I have to just keep my portions under control.. I sometimes feel like I'm in a program with eating and I have to remind myself "One day at a time".. who came up with that, it should be "One hour at a time".. lol.. I do want to let everyone know I did still lose weight this week even though I had Mexican and Wendy's.. So you can still have the things you love and still lose the pd's.. Just can't go crazy when you eat it.. Well off to start a new week of becoming weight happy.. wish me luck, may need it this week.. Positive thought... "Encouraging others means helping people, looking for the best in them, and trying to bring out their positive qualities". Tks to all who do this with genuine intentions, I know who you are and love you for the support..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How am I doing it

So for today's blog I decided to tell you guys what I'm doing to stay motivated and keep the weight coming off b/c some of you have been asking.. I'm not counting calories or writing down my food intake any longer b/c now It's just easy to keep track in my head.. It kinda just become second nature that I was eating less.. For breakfast I will eat a yogurt, banana or a Thomas bagel thin toasted w/spray butter on it and I always have a cup of coffee w/fat free french vanilla.. For lunches I eat turkey burgers w/Arnold sandwich thins and 2% cheese, sub sandwiches w/mustard, or lean cuisines... For dinner I just make what we eat normally, I just portion my sizes now and don't go for seconds.. Now for snakes I have popcorn, jello w/whip cream, reduced fat cookies, baked chips or fruit and I always have 1 diet Pepsi a day.. I do still go out to eat with friends and my hubby b/c I do believe I have to eat the foods I enjoy in order to Be able to keep the weight off for life (just have half and save the other half for the next day).. I can't just diet all day every day b/c then I would become bored w/ food and then binge eat.. I run 4 times a week, 2 miles each time (about 325 cal).. Now the reason I have kept up w/ my running is b/c I signed up for another race in June, so that has kept me from falling off the exercise wagon.. I don't do anymore exercise than that b/c I do not want to burn out b/c once again this was a life change not just a lets lose the weight and then struggle to maintain thing... My other advice is try to only step on the scale once a week b/c your body losses weight on a week basis (I mean think about it weight watchers and biggest loser weigh in by the week and hello there is a reason God made 7 days a week).. Plus it keeps you from being discourged when you see your weight going up and down all week.. It took a good month before any of this got easier and longer for me to get motivated about the exercising. It's all about just telling yourself to stick with it and once you see every week that the weight is coming off then it makes you want to go another week to see if you can lose even more.. I feel good about the weight loss and can now see it in my body, but I can't say I feel proud yet b/c I know I still have a long way to go.. I hope this gave some view/help into what is making my weight come off.. Just be consistent in your eating/exercise and don't not do things b/c of food (PORTION CONTROL) is everything.. I even have pizza a lot (my fav food) but now instead of 4 slices I eat 2. Postive thought for the week "Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride".. Lets all be weight happy together..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep looking forward

So another 2 pds not too shabby.. My goal for next week is another 2 pds or more, so I need to be a little better about writing down what I ate (I have gotten lazy).. Not being so hungry has gotten much easier and have to say running 2 miles now is a breeze, but still not being able to eat a snack or candy when I want is still a hard thing for me to come to grips with, but it is on mind less and less as weeks go by.. I did realize today talking with one of my girlfriends that I was very proud of her for the weight she lost this past week and I think it's because I'm on my own weight journey and losing weight myself.. Before when I was bigger and not on my weight journey, I would think to myself I wish I was the one who was losing weight.. so I never could get past my own insecurities on the issue to be proud of her, so that made me feel good that I now can be a true friend and be proud for her accomplishments too.. I have to admit when we are out I have more than once said to my husband. "honey is that what I look like or honey am I as heavy as that girl." Now that my focus on the issue is not what I look like, but about being healthy and making it a life change I no longer judge other women but now praise them for even trying to be healthier because it is hard... VERY HARD.. being a human sometimes stinks because I just wish I could be a positive thinker about myself and about other people at all times... but I'm getting there and feeling better about things day by day.. Positive thought for the day is keep losing, keep looking forward, and don't look back.. lets all be weight happy..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't complain

Well I have to say I'm amazed that I even lost 1 pound this week b/c I did not spare anything when it came to eating this past weekend for Easter... I have to say I did run 3 times last week though for 30 min each time and I did not feel to good yesterday (head cold) and so since I couldn't taste the food I just didn't eat that much, so that might have balanced it all out. Today I enjoyed a day at the park with the kids and some friends and I have to say the weight conversation found it's way into our nice park day.. It makes me realize that every women has an issue with her body and it seems so funny to me that we as women feel the need to express how bad we feel about ourselves to other women.. It's like in some funny way we can feel better knowing that other women feel icky about their weight too.. It's like comfort weight among ladies.. Talking about the issue can be a nice distraction but in retrospect the weight can't be talked off.. it takes a lot of physical and mental motivation... As I am blogging about this I come to realize my stomach is eating itself.. errrrr only a little while longer till dinner I can hold on... I sometimes stop to ask why I'm losing the weight and I have to remember to tell myself that yes you want to look and feel better even if no one else cares... Do it for YOURSELF is this weeks positive thought... cause that is who matters.. Lets all become weight happy.