Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep looking forward

So another 2 pds not too shabby.. My goal for next week is another 2 pds or more, so I need to be a little better about writing down what I ate (I have gotten lazy).. Not being so hungry has gotten much easier and have to say running 2 miles now is a breeze, but still not being able to eat a snack or candy when I want is still a hard thing for me to come to grips with, but it is on mind less and less as weeks go by.. I did realize today talking with one of my girlfriends that I was very proud of her for the weight she lost this past week and I think it's because I'm on my own weight journey and losing weight myself.. Before when I was bigger and not on my weight journey, I would think to myself I wish I was the one who was losing weight.. so I never could get past my own insecurities on the issue to be proud of her, so that made me feel good that I now can be a true friend and be proud for her accomplishments too.. I have to admit when we are out I have more than once said to my husband. "honey is that what I look like or honey am I as heavy as that girl." Now that my focus on the issue is not what I look like, but about being healthy and making it a life change I no longer judge other women but now praise them for even trying to be healthier because it is hard... VERY HARD.. being a human sometimes stinks because I just wish I could be a positive thinker about myself and about other people at all times... but I'm getting there and feeling better about things day by day.. Positive thought for the day is keep losing, keep looking forward, and don't look back.. lets all be weight happy..

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  1. Thanks for all your support. Keep up the good work. You are awesome.