Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stay True

I think b/c I didn't lose much last week that last week caught up to me and helped for this week.. It's funny how the body works.. I only ran 2 times last week, but I was outside helping my hubby build our new deck and cutting grass, so I was still getting lots of exercise.. I ate really light the four days before this weekend, b/c I knew it was Mother's Day weekend and I would eat a lot (which I did)..but like I have said in the past that weight loss is based on a week, so I think even if you have some days that are heavy then the light days will balance those out.. It is nice to lose weight, but the skin under my arms is more noticeable and the fact that I have lost a lot in my boobs isn't a good thing b/c they get a little droopy when you lose weight in them (guess I need a push up bra).. lol, .. I should have never gained all that weight in the first place.. So I have to wonder how at one point I was at my ideal weight and then I just passed it and kept gaining w/out even a second thought.. Why was I so oblivious to what I was doing???? This journey is still very hard, but it is still easier then when I started this, so if you want to lose weight then start today, b/c waiting just makes the process longer.. Positive thought, Stay true to yourself and don't allow outside judgements to make you second guess the journey you are on.. Lets all be weight happy together..

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  1. Jackie, you looked great this weekend :-) I admire the self-control you have on snacking - that's where I fall very short. Keep up the good work :-)