Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hanging in there

So I am starting to wonder if I'm about to hit a plateau.. I was so good about my eating this week and even exercised 4 days this week and played softball (joined a team).. My water intake has not been good for a while now b/c I can't stand to drink it, but maybe I need to go back to trying that again to get me over this hump... I was even not feeling good this week, so my food intake was even lower, so I have to say I'm stumped at only losing 1.2 pounds.. errr I know I can look back and be proud of how far I've come in 12 weeks, but when you are in the moment of your last week and can't understand what went wrong it's hard to see past, right now, but I know I have to see the whole picture.. I have to admit I'm also frustrated about my clothes issues right now too.. It is so wonderful to lose this weight, but now all my jeans, Capri's and shorts are giving me a saggy butt look, which is not cute on someone who has no butt to begin with and really no funds to keep updating her clothes.. so I just have to deal with it until I reach the weight I will stay at and then I will slowly get clothes I fit in nicely... I know this should be the last of my worries, but how you look in your clothes, is how you feel about your body that day.. I have to admit that when people notice my weight loss it does help me to stay motivated, b/c as a women I'm not seeing what other people are, so I need that little reassurance that yes my body does look thinner and my hard work it working.. Positive note for the week is be happy in the moment and enjoy the ride ( I will take my own advice and embrace this week).. Lets all be weight happy together..

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  1. I'm so proud of you and you keep me motivated so keep hanging in there. Here is to being healthy and happy. Love you girl.