Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nothing tastes as good

Watching what I ate was a big help this week b/c I knew I had to make up for my vacation or else it could have caught up to me this week and made me gain more weight. I only worked our 2 times this week.. One of those workouts was a 3 mile run outside, so that helped with getting rid of extra calories yesterday before today's weigh-in... I remember once when I was overweight I asked my instructor in the police academy what I could do to get over the 8 ft wall and he said. "Push yourself away from the dinner table." I was in such shock that someone could be that honest about my weight, but that didn't make me eat any less.. It just made me want to cry.. It is funny what kinds of things motivate us and how honesty is sometimes not a motivator if done in a very hurtful way... You have to be ready to change your lifestyle.. I think that is the biggest part to sticking with a diet.. To not look at it as a diet and just do it one day at a time... I love this quote.. "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." b/c no whopper will satisfy me as looking in the mirror and being happy with how I look... Lets all be weight happy together..

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