Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting back on Track

Well while vacation was a blast I did gain just a little .6 Pd's.. but I know if I get serious again this week and start back running then I should be back down for next weeks weigh in.. Today I had a girlfriend say to me that she couldn't believe how hard we work to get the weight off, but it can come back on so fast.. and she is so right.. I mean it can takes me 2 weeks to lose .6 Pd's.. it will always be a roller coaster of up and down weight, and that is why I want to be weight happy, so when I do go up a little I don't get so upset and just have to work to go back down.. I did prove to myself that I still have some issues with temptation, b/c I could not keep my hand out of the Carmel popcorn bowl even though I knew in my mind how bad it was for me to eat.. errrr and I could have had a little, but I couldn't stop myself.. I even felt guilty for eating it, but then the next night I ate it again... Lesson learned and now I have to move forward and get back on track... Positive thought is that we can fall down as long as we get right back up, clean our wounds and keep on trucking... Lets all be weight happy together...

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