Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Vacation

Well I'm vacation this week, so I was not able to weigh in, b/c there is no scale here and was not about to pack my scale that would have been a little crazy.. lol lol I'm having a great time and trying to watch what I eat, but I have to admit I have been indulging a little more than usual and have to say I'm a little worried, but if I do gain I just have to work harder when I get back home.. I'm giving myself a bye this week and just going to weigh in on next Tuesday and hoping I at least maintained... would have lost a week, but that is going to happen from time to time if this truly is a life change.. and so far it is, but we are all aloud a little fun with food as long as we can bounce back right away... Lets all be weight happy together...

1 comment:

  1. Was surprised to see you blogged. LOL. Hope you are having a blast. Miss you. See you soon.