Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curb your cravings

I decided since I didn't do anything different last week I would give you some helpful advice to curb those cravings we all can have.. One of my daily problems while I'm watching what I eat is the cravings I get for the foods I know I can't have, so I wanted to just list a few helpful ideas in case you are having the same problem or feeling hungry all the time (this is me too)...

Tips on how to curb cravings:

Eat more fiber (I do this and it works) - fills you up and stops sugar cravings
Drink whey protein - this releases appetite suppressant hormones that curb cravings
Don't skip breakfast (I eat breakfast) - when you skip breakfast you lower your blood sugar even more and that will make you crave food all day long
Have an egg for breakfast (I eat 1 egg & 1 egg white omelet mixed with mushrooms and fat free cheese) - eggs make you fill fuller throughout the day and they only raise your HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol in your body
Relax when stressed - when you stress your body releases a hormone called, Cortisol that makes you feel hungry
Sleep 7 hrs or more - when you sleep for 7 hrs you release a hormone called, Leptin which is a fat burning hormone
Wait 20 minutes - your cravings usually pass after 20 minutes (chew gum to help pass time)
Take Vitamin B-3 - this vitamin will lower sugar and alcohol cravings
Eat on blue plates - may sound weird but the color blue makes you want to eat less
Take a whiff of Vanilla scent - the smell of vanilla tricks you into thinking you just craved your need for sugar
Drink water before you eat meals - this fills up your belly, which makes you feel satisfied quicker
Drink green tea - this is an appetite suppressant and it's an all natural fat burner

I do some of these already, but now there are a couple more I'm going to try now... I hope this was helpful.. Let's all be weight happy together..


  1. Jackie, I'm sooooooo proud of you :-) Your weight loss is amazing; you have been consistent and up-beat about your progress. It's all about attitude too !!! WAY TO GO !

  2. Good job Jackie!!! I think you look awesome. Thank you so much for you inspirational tips and advice.I believe each of us struggle with something in our lives. It's nice to hear other peoples stories and strategies.I'm so happy that you are so close to being weight happy you deserve it. Love ya girlie

  3. Tks guys so much.. The support helps so much.. b/c it can be so hard sometimes and now that it is so hot it is harder to get motivated to get on the treadmill.. errr but I will prevail.. XOXO