Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad day

Last night I only got about 2 1/2 hr sleep, b/c I have a hard time sometimes shutting my mind down and not worrying over things.. So needless to say I was tired and on edge and you know what that means.. I was not in a caring mode to watch my eating today.. errr why do I let this happen to me.. I was decent until dinner when once again we went to Mexican (hubby favorite food).. I'm thinking maybe I should just put it on my can't ever go eat there again list, but why should I.. I just need to be more disciplined when I go there... Isn't it about learning to eat better, so you can still eat things you like but in moderation.. Well I have decided not to beat myself up to much b/c I'm just beginning and I will get there.. One day I will be able to go to Mexican and not eat 20 buckets of chips (j/j) w/white sauce.. yuummm.. I have to admit I did feel guilty after I ate, but the guilt only lasted until we paid the bill.. lol lol. So tomorrow is a new day and I will most defiantly run tomorrow b/c by then my calves might feel fine enough to run on.. Oh yeah be aware your calves with hurt the next day after Zumba, but just like anything new you do, your body has to get use to it.. So happy dieting and just remember we are human, so you can have a bad day too.. Positive thought.. I could have ate a lot more.. lol lol

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