Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Man oh Man

I knew my weight had started to climb, but I did not know it was past 175.. So after being a little in shock over my weight I still almost put the fork that I was making the kids pancakes with dripping with syrup and butter into my mouth.. I mean are you kidding me.. These are the habits I need to break and NOW.. Plus I can't stand to drink water, so this is going to be a mental struggle for me.. I have to get into the mind set that I can't wake up tommorow and the weight be gone.. THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME.... and I will be hungry and on edge for at least a couple of days until I get use to not eating a mound of food a day.. Im off to have my coffee and I will measure out 2tbsp of creamer.. so back to one cup a day to save on extra calories.. Also going to have to journal so I can make sure I'm not just sticking things in my mouth for no reason.. Okay wish me luck...


  1. I just got done with a run (I can't stand to run) Now keep in mind I have been training for 2 1/2 months for the Shamrock 1/2 marathon, but have lost no weight.. So it's true what they say just b/c you exercise does not mean you will lose weight if you are eating like a pig. I ran 2.32 miles at 4.8 speed for 30min.. then I walked until 3 miles at 3.5 speed.. total of 492 cal (I have a Pro-form 320x treadmill). It sucked, but I have no choice if I want to be healthy and lose the weight..My goal today was to run for the 3 miles, but I could not mentally make it. why did I give up, I could have done it.. I was not hurting or breathing hard.. errrr Postive body thought of the day: I do think I have nice legs..

  2. Bravo for running today.Just make sure you journal everything you eat! That is big for you and is what helped you with Weight Watchers the last time you was on it. Good luck today and Happy Jounaling

  3. I'm so hungry right now, but only a about an hour and half till dinner. My jaw hurts from chewing gum.. First day almost done and no cheating yet.. whoo hooo