Saturday, March 6, 2010

The unhappy 8 miler

Yesterday was a day I just want to forget. It started out real good, spending time with the family... went bowling with the kids and then went to Taco Bell.. Now I was real good at Taco Bell I only ate 1 soft taco and some pinto & cheese.. Now here is where it all goes down hill. First off I slpit my Gap jeans when I went to sit down and it looked like a hernia was coming form my inner thigh, b/c my chunk was now sticking through the split.. Then I went to the bathroom and as I was pulling them up to fit over my chunk on my hips I tore a belt loop off by my butt side.. I mean come on.. then my sister asked me to do a 8 mile run with her. Now I have never run for 8 miles and I have only been able to almost do 5 miles for this run I'm training for. So I do the run and I feel good, I mean real good and I run the whole time (1hr 50 min of it).. I know I'm a slow runner.. lol So I drink some water and then boom it hits me like a thunder bolt.. I start throwing up.. but I feel better and now we all eat Arby's ( you know I have been craving it), well I only eat half of my sandwich and start to feel sick again.. and bomb again I throw up.. so now it's time to drive home, so on the way home what happens.. of course I have to pull over and well you know what then happens.. today I'm better, my knees hurt but at least I'm not on death row.. Now I'm real nervous about this run I have to do in 2 wks (13.1 miles).. what if I start to throw up while running.. I mean that is so something that would happen to me.. lol I do have to say that the lemonade vitamin water is the only thing I could keep down, so maybe there is something to that water.. Well on a positive note I ran off about 700 calories yesterday.. whoo hooo

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