Monday, March 22, 2010

Shamrock On

Whoo hooo I'm done with the race and I actually did much better than I expected myself to do.. I ran the whole half marathon and came in under 3 hours.. 2:50:13 is my actual time.. It was hard, but as I was running I just kept telling myself that if I'm going to do this then I have to run the whole thing.. At about mile 12 I did start to break down and get emotional, but my sister calmed me down and kept saying you can't run this whole time and then give up on the last mile and she was right, so I kept running and in the end I was so proud that I ran the 13.1 miles without stopping or walking... So now that the race is done, I have to kept up my running, b/c I have problem with just stopping after the race is over.. and I can't do that b/c I will once again become out of shape and then my eating with go back to my old habits again... and then of course the weight will start to climb again..errr and I'm trying to lose this chunk not gain more of it.. lol I'm thinking I need to sign up for a couple 8k (5 miles) through out the year, so I don't lose the drive to stay in shape.. I can't stand running, but it's the only thing that makes me feel like I'm burning calories... I kinda had a bad eating week.. I think it was the stress and emotions of the race that I gave into temptations a little this week and then I ate a lot of pasta on Saturday to get ready for the race on Sunday and I think that might show tomorrow on the scale.. I will be happy as long as I don't gain.. So I have my mind back in the game and now I just have to move into this next week with a weight loss mind set.. Lets all become weight happy..


  1. I'm amazed and totally impressed you RAN for 3 hours, I'd hate to WALK for 3 hrs!! I'm proud of you for setting a goal and achieving it. I'm sure the weight loss will be just as successful.

  2. Good job girl... I think maybe running a few races within this year will keep you in the running mood. I think you need something to be running for. So sign up for a couple of the 5 mile runs. That way next year you will be ready and will do this shamrock race all over again LOL

  3. We are all so proud of you girl for completing the race, wish we could have been there to cheer you on...keep up the good work.