Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zumba Time

Today started out pretty emotional.. not sure why, but just felt very overwhelmed and tired.. but after I dropped the dog off at the groomers.. Took daughter to gymnastics... it was me time at the YMCA. So today I tried another new class.. Today I did a Zumba salsa class. It was a mix of salsa dancing, hip hop and butt shaking.. It was so much more my style then Yoga.. The instructor said 1 hr of Zumba is 400-600 calories depending on how much you put into your movements.. I think I did about 500 b/c I was trying my hardest and sweating at the same time.. I'm sure I looked like a dancing monkey at first, but I eventually got the movements and I was on like donkey kong.. lol.. So then I stopped for gas and don't you know this skinny chick comes out with a Coke (not diet) and a really big and awesome looking donut in her hand.. I found myself thinking why in the world can she eat that and stay skinny, but if I ate that I would gain 5 pds... It does frustrate me sometimes to see some of my friends eat what they want and stay thin and then others like me have to consistently watch what I put in my mouth down to the BLT (bites, licks, tastes).. I know it's all about out bodies make up but man oh man I wish I could wake up tomorrow and be able to be a whatever I want eater.. Then I came home and started to fell guilty about not running today with the race only 1 1/2 weeks away, so I ran a mile outside.. and I loved it, it was so pretty today.. It lifted my spirits and I even rode bikes with the kids.. I did good on eating today... I had a turkey sandwich (mustard, 2% cheese and 40% fat free bread), baked Doritos and 2 bites of choc. cake w/2 strawberries.. for lunch and hubby is baking a chicken for dinner, so today is almost over and it ended up being a good day.. Positive thought of the day is... trying new things can you suprise you...

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