Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally alittle more

Not sure what I did this week different... I have to wonder if maybe not running this week was a good thing b/c muscle does weigh more and maybe I lost a little of my muscle.. who knows.. all I know is that 3 pds is on record baby.. lol I will start running again today.. Doctor said it should be fine to start back up.. Even if not running helped last week.. I would so much rather be in shape then lose all the weight and have my lose flab flapping every where.. I mean already when I shake my arms the fat is almost hitting me in my face.. which reminds me to start doing under arm exercises.. Doing weights stinks..errr why does everything we should do to keep us in shape feel intolerable... So week 4 and I have to say that nothing about not eating is getting easier.. I mean right now I want french fries... I saw a thing on the TV last night that said salty, fried, fattening foods can be just as addicting as smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.. You know I have to say in some little way I agree with this.. I have never had any of those addictions but, I want those foods all the time and if I'm not getting to eat them then they are on my mind and if they are there I will eat them even if it's just one.. So to me not eating those foods when I want and how much I want is very hard for me.. but I shall overcome.. one day at a time.. Maybe I need to go to a food addiction meeting.. lol oh wait I guess that would be considered Weight Watchers.. On a positive note... I feel hopeful for the next week and a little stronger on my journey to weight happy.. tks for the support..


  1. Jackie - you've lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks... that is AWESOME!!! Keep it up girl!!!!

    : ) Mandy

  2. Jackie, you're doing awesome. You have lost 12 lbs so far, averaging 3 a week, that's great. Look for healthy alternatives for the foods you love, there are a ton of healthy recipes online. Check the sparkpeople website, they have a link for recipes and they provide the nutrional info like calorie, fat and protein count. I've tried a couple so far that are really good. By the way, did you get the chicken recipe I sent you through facebook?

  3. Jackie, 12 lbs in 3 weeks is terrific!!! Good for you :-) Keep your focus.