Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little goes a long way

Well at least the my weight still went down.. I really thought I might have lost more b/c of the race, but I think all the pasta I ate counter acted on the calories I lost at the run.. But I still am optimistic b/c I still lost.. I know I have to start journaling better and getting back into my running.. My legs and knees feel better today, so tomorrow I think I will be ready to get back on the treadmill..uggg.. The good news is that I still am getting to eat the things I like.. Just have to watch the serving sizes.. It is a pain to have to look at labels, but I know it will become a habit after awhile.. I have to admit choosing a banana or yogurt over pancakes or donuts makes me insane, but I have no option and that pisses me off... It kinda just makes me want to hibernate in my house so I'm not tempted, but I know that is no kind of life.. I have to learn to manage my food and have a life while doing it.. I'm getting better with temptation, but the real test will be when my hubby wants to eat Mexican.. lol lol.. Positive thought.. Rome was not built in a day, so my weight won't come off in a day either.. Lets all get weight happy together.. Have a good week..

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  1. I admire your tenacity...I have to PUSH myself just to go to the "Y", thinking up excuses as to why I don't have to go,,,,then I look in the mirror and remember that I HAVE to go!! Keep up the great work.