Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manic Wednesday

Today started off to be a bad one.. The car seats weren't in the car, so of course I got frustrated since we were already running late.. Then there were some chips on the floor of the car (don't know why they were there is the first place). Can you believe I thought about eating one.. OMG.. So then I had to vacuum out the car in 35 degree weather.. the best part is I spent .75 cents on the vacuum and I could have blew in air and sucked better than that thing did.. Went to the YMCA today and for some reason the calorie count is always lower on their treadmills. So I ran 2 miles and walked 1.12miles. Total time was 43 min and 353 calories.. Not to bad but man did it stink.. So now we are home and I'm so hungry that if the chips were still in the car I would have ate them.. I make myself a lean cuisine to eat and who is next to me eating it with me (my daughter). I mean for real I don't get a lot to eat as it is and here she wants some.. errr, but in true mommy fashion, I shared.. So hopefully this wanting to eat all the time and agitation about not eating will subside soon. Oh and hubby just called to say sorry about the chips (so that is how they got there) lol now I can relax and pray I don't eat for the next at least couple of hours.. Where is the gum..


  1. That is a very stressful day. Did it break you down to where you ate because of stress? That's when I eat. Stress is a big thing for me and don't know how to handle it without eating lol... Vent girl is all I can tell you

  2. It did help to blog about it today.. I did not cheat and had chicken tonight dinner.. It is so hard to get past the thought of wanting to eat what I want when I want.. yeah I think I always eat bad when I'm stressed and I think it's b/c I'm not aware of what is going in my mouth. How are you doing on your journey to weight happy Char? tks for the support..