Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yoga anyone

So today I tried my first yoga class and I think maybe the last.. The teacher was great and I do feel more relaxed, but for some reason the whole time I kept thinking of an Arby's roast beef.. I mean wasn't I suppose to be concentrating on my core and balance. I would have rather of been balancing an Arby melt in the palm of my hand.. I also like to do workouts that make my heart pump.. I should find a hip hop class to do, so I can shake my ba dunk a dunk.. lol.. but on a good note I did do good today with no snacking and drinking water (which I can't stand).. the bad thing was I ate late b/c of the yoga class, but maybe the calories I burned (I think 200) will counter balance.. Lets just say it did, so I can sleep better tonight.. lol.. I'm a little scared about the weekend approaching, always tend to cheat on the weekends.. Tks for the support and today I think I like my feet they are cute and little..


  1. Jackie, try adding citrus to your water; a slice of lemon is my fav, but you can also use lime or orange, even cucumber works :-) Don did not like water, NEVER drank it (especially when wine was available!!) but he started drinking it with meals when we started dating and now even drinks it constantly when we are working outside.

  2. Glad to see you tried something new today. I have never tried yoga and don't believe I would enjoy it. But I'm sure it can be very relaxing. It seems like with 3 kids there is never time to relax or I'm sleeping.LOL Keep up the good work.

  3. You need to come to Zumba with me. Thats some ba dunkadunk shakin girl!!