Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life gets in the way

Not to sure about how Tues. weigh in will go this week b/c life just got in the way.. Thurs. I went to lunch with a girlfriend and we shared, but I still cheated a little (wings).. man were they good.. and then last night I made cupcakes with the kids and I kept licking the spoon..errrr and that was good too.. lol.. So I did run on Wed.. even though my knees still hurt from the race, but then I had a mole taken off my leg on Fri. and it had to be stitched up, so I can't run for a couple of days, b/c it was in the fold of my leg behind the knee.. I feel like this will be a set back, b/c I depended on the calories I was burning by running.. I don't want to keep just going down one pound a week or else I feel I will start to cheat more often.. I'm determined to start running again on Mon., so that I can mentally feel like I'm burning some of the food in my body off.. So I'm just trying to keep long term thoughts and short term goals... Tks for the support..


  1. It's just a set back to test you, don't let the temptation win while you are unable to run. Journal, journal, journal, it will make a world of difference if you really are diligent with it. Can you walk on the treadmill until you are clear to run again? Hang in there, you are doing so great and are an inspiration to us all. My mom finally got my Zumba videos and will be sending them out on Monday, I'm so anxious to start it. Looking forward to your next post!!!

  2. Yulp listen to Missie and journal.. And make sure you start running as soon as u can. Hey it may only be a pound a week but at least that's one pound down. Keep us post and let' get moving!!!!!

  3. OK Jackie,,,your ONE pound is ONE pound more than I have lost this week - - remember you are CONSISTENT. I agree with Missie, walk - don't run on the treadmill. I just WILL NOT run, I walk, but at a very fast pace. Same muscles, less pain - NO sweating!!! Keep up the great work